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Balls to the Wall

[openbook booknumber=”1400032873″] I started reading James Ellroy’s Destination: Morgue! (2004) this weekend, and I really can’t imagine a better author to lift your spirits when you are feeling down 🙂 I actually started this book of stories from the end, … Continue reading

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Call Me Ishmael

Some years ago – never mind how long precisely – having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore, I thought I would sail about a little and see the watery part of … Continue reading

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D’Angelo Barksdale reads The Great Gatsby

The Wire: D’Angelo reads The Great Gatsby This is a scene from The Wire I constantly return to in my mind for some reason. I mean it might seem obvious given I have a quickly vanishing background in American literature, … Continue reading

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“A Little Fable” by Franz Kafka

‘Alas,’ said the mouse, ‘the whole world is growing smaller every day. At the beginning it was so big that I was afraid, I kept running and running, and I was glad when I saw walls far away to the … Continue reading

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Damn kids these days…

One of the greatest plagues of the educational blogosphere is the whole idea of labeling generations of learners in these pre-fabricated categories of millennials, digital natives, immigrants, NetGens, or what have you. Now I have no more evidence that these … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s “The Mist”

Through the latest Fangoria on the stands I discovered that Stephen King’s short story/novella “The Mist” has been made into a film, and is currently in post-production and should be out in theaters November 21st, 2007. The trailer is a … Continue reading

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UbuWeb: the videos

From their site: UbuWeb: The YouTube of the Avant-Garde: UbuWeb has converted all of its rare and out-of-print film & video holdings to on-demand streaming formats à la YouTube, which means that you can view everything right in your browser … Continue reading

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