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Yars Revenge on ds106tv

Another Atari 2600 test run on ds106.tv, this time highlighting some Yars Revenge gameplay, which I learned was a creative re-working of the 1980 vector arcade game classic Star Castle. I didn’t remember how to play the game, so there … Continue reading

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Atari 2600 on ds106tv: Video Pinball, Space Invaders, and Jungle Hunt

I’ve been playing around on ds106.tv for a couple of weeks now, and I wanted to be sure to archive some of those shenanigans on the bava. My earlier attempt to figure out Streamlabs OBS (before switching to OBS) featured … Continue reading

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OpenEmu, RetroPie, c128d, and more cables than you can shake a stick at

Update: Thanks to Tim’s comment I was able to find a solution that will actually work and is significantly cheaper for capturing the Retropie output on the Mac for streaming. I am quickly realizing why ds106radio and ds106tv is good … Continue reading

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Inspired: Wire 2600

I love what Ien harris did with the create a cartridge cover for an Atari 2600 game assignment. How can I refuse an 8-bit game based on The Wire? Makes me want to learn how to code these old school games so I … Continue reading

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Animate 2600: Haunted House

I always knew Haunted House was a classic Atari 2600 game, what I didn’t know is that it inspired a whole new genre of survival horror video games! From the Wikipedia article: Haunted House is an Atari 2600 video game, first released in … Continue reading

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Summer of Love: Dragonfire

Here’s an Atari 2600 game I forgot in my toy post on cartridges, and thinking back on Dragonfire, it was probably one of the better early 2600 games. What’s more, the graphics are an interesting mashup of the Pitfall! character … Continue reading

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Days 87-30: Atari 2600 Cartridges

Just when you thought it was safe to read the bava, I got fifty-seven more entries as an attempt to catch up on my 110 Toys to Xmas series, this post should serve three functions: 1) Catch me up, so … Continue reading

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The time people will spend watching crap

I was talking to Andy Rush and Jerry Slezak recently about the fact that the over 90 videos I have uploaded to my YouTube account have almost 360,000 views. A figure that is modest by YouTube standards, but still kind of … Continue reading

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Classic Video Game Emulation

I recently came to the realization that my best friend in Fredericksburg is my 12 year-old neighbor. I just can’t avoid the fact that I have never really progressed beyond the sixth grade; I am still so dearly enthralled by … Continue reading

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Classic horror movies on the Atari 2600

I have been using emulation to give my twelve-year old neighbor the people’s history of classic video games and home consoles (much more on both the emulation and the history shortly). While preparing these rigorous classes, I came across a … Continue reading

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