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Alien Pizza, a preliminary mashup

I just came across this beautiful, nutty video mashup on Sean Comerford’s blog titled “Alien Pizza.” Sean was in Carole Garmon’s Video Art seminar last semester and did some pretty amazing videos. This semester he is taking Italian 202 with … Continue reading

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High School Hell Cats, and other assorted mashup learning resources from the Internet Archive

I find myself constantly going back to the Internet Archive, and constantly being blown away by what I find. Now, maybe I am biased towards video, and obsess over all things film history. I have been registering several people’s interest … Continue reading

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From Non-Programistan to Feedistan

I have to echo Cog Dog’s sentiment and hail Tony Hirst’s Feedistan. It is beautifully riffing on the theme of Non-Programistan, a crazy concept presentation Tom and I dreamed up. I have a feeling the fearless leaders of this beautiful … Continue reading

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The Grey Video

In 2004 DJ Danger Mouse’s re-mixed Jay-Z’s The Black Album and The Beatle’s The White Album to create The Grey Album. Looks like we now have The Grey Video which furthers this mash-up by mixing up A Hard Day’s Night … Continue reading

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Dance Party Mashup

Patrick found the Thought Bucket over a week ago and I have been addicted ever since!

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Pimp that bliki!

I responded to a comment by Sue Mayberry -who was asking for more details about creating a bliki (a WordPress MediaWiki mashup)- offering a kind of quick overview of some of the steps with links to the specific posts and … Continue reading

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Get your bliki on!

That’s right, the WordPress MediaWiki mashup is gaining some momentum. Just check out the Blogfolio del Dr. Mario Nunez, a self-proclaimed “Blogfesor” at the Recinto Universitario de Mayaguez in beautiful Puerto Rico. I love it!!! The other thing I love … Continue reading

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Who needs Netflix with the Internet Archive around?

Over the last month or so I have been scouring the Internet Archive for pubic domain films. Below are 31 of the 38 movies I bookmarked in del.icio.us that are currently available at Internet Archive (del.icio.us seems to be balking … Continue reading

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Video mashups using 1970s softcore to learn about Vietnam?

“The visual is essentially pornographic…” From Fredric Jameson’s Signatures of the Visible I’ve been thinking a lot about video mashups for teaching and learning recently. It is a lot of fun using the mashup as a prism through which to … Continue reading

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Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? The Horror Movie Trailer

Just found this mashup on YouTube remixing a trailer for O Brother, Where Art Thou? as a horror movie. All too chillingly convincing…

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