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Boba’s Invoice

Not sure if this is a digital story per se, but I am sure it rocks! Image credit: Laser Bread’s “Boba Invoice” via Mikhail Gershovich on Twitter

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The Twin Suns of Tatooine

Enjoy Eric Power’s brilliant paper-based retelling of the only Star Wars trilogy in two minutes put to the mellifluous sounds of Jeremy Messersmith’s song “Tatooine” —the combination of which may be the greatest thing I’ve yet to see on the … Continue reading

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Day 5: Star Wars Figures, the Original 12

The original 12, not the apostles mind you, but more importantly the 3.75″ Star Wars figures released in 1978 that ushered in a new institution in toy franschises and arguably one of the earliest signs of the immense consumer-driven fan … Continue reading

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Day 7: Star Wars Land Speeder

“These are not the droids you are looking for…” I must have uttered that famous Jedi mind trick phrase by kenobi a million times while playing with Kenner’s Land Speeder. And pound-for-pound this may have been the best of the … Continue reading

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Day 8: Star Wars Creature Cantina

While the Death Star was the first and most impressive of the Kenner Star Wars play sets, the second may have been even more special to me given the subject: the Mos Eisley Cantina. I mean let’s face it, given … Continue reading

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Day 9: Millennium Falcon

Catalog Description: (15) Star Wars Millennium Falcon Spaceship. Use with mini-figures (not incl.). Battle alert sound, landing gear folds up. Cockpit canopy opens. Entrance ramp folds down. Radar dish swivels 360 degrees. Rear deck area lifts off to expose laser … Continue reading

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Adventures in Stormtrooping

I have to say that this series by Greg Easton Photography that visually narrates the adventures of Stormtroopers using the Star Wars action figures is hysterical and pretty amazing. Though my favorite is this one, with the “Nuke Canada” arcade … Continue reading

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Day 28: Star Wars Death Star Space Station

Back in 1978, this was without question my single favorite toy of all time, and in my opinion the greatest of the Kenner Star Wars toys back in the day. A given it’s pure awesomeness it in many ways remains … Continue reading

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Looking for classic Christmas television? Kliph Nesteroff’s Classic Showbiz Television blog may be the best online filters for television on the web. He seems to tirelessly comb social video sites for archival classics that suggest an insane—almost encyclopedic knowledge—of the … Continue reading

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Star Wars “Good Guys”

Here is a wild moment in film/TV history via the ever entertaining Classic Television Showbiz blog. The two video clips below are from a 1977 episode of “The Mike Douglas Show,” featuring interviews with Star Wars cast members Carrie Fisher, … Continue reading

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