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Citizen Groom

Why do I like returning to NYC for events like CUNY WordcampEd? Well, for one I get treated like the Citizen Kane of Educational Technology which ain’t no small thing.  CUNY is currently constructing a Xanadu just for me! What … Continue reading

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USPS’s newest stamp: the bava

After the recent release of The Simpsons stamps, we all knew it was just a matter of time before the bava got one. So I’m proud to introduce the first proofs for the bava stamps designed by our own Serena … Continue reading

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What do Bruce Sterling, Twitter, Emily Dickinson, and the bava have in common?

They’re all recommendations in this week’s New York Times Magazine. As you can see the bava keeps only the best of company 🙂 More seriously, I’m really not sure how or why the hell this happened, but I find it … Continue reading

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bavacon or: How Blog Branding Ate My Soul

Image credit: “Pittsburgh Comicon” by RL Johnson. Let me be frank here, I love the bava, I do, I love the little fucker. And I pretty much say whatever I want on it, and really could care less about the … Continue reading

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“If they don’t learn, kill ’em”

Martin Weller has been making the parallel between movie stars and edubloggers, and while some folks have commented with the usual concerns about thinking through blogging in terms of stardom and fame—more of the self-effacing edtech pandering that drives me … Continue reading

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Here’s to 3 years on the bava…

…and all the irreparable harm its has caused me. (Watch the HD version here.) Exactly three years ago today the madness began, here’s to at least three more. Film Credits: Andy Rush as an impeccable “Floyd” the bartender who absolutely … Continue reading

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The bava now with ads

This is a hard announcement to make, but truth be told I gotta feed my family. And while trotlining is one way to do this, the cold hard reality remains that during these dire economic times I need cash money–I … Continue reading

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bava downtime

I am trying to move the bava to a wpmu installation so I have something to blog about. I expect that the site may be down over the next 12-24 hours during the move. I know this is very horrifying … Continue reading

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