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High School Hell Cats, and other assorted mashup learning resources from the Internet Archive

I find myself constantly going back to the Internet Archive, and constantly being blown away by what I find. Now, maybe I am biased towards video, and obsess over all things film history. I have been registering several people’s interest … Continue reading

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Raiding the Internet Archive

Figured I’d start the week off right and play with some public domain video from the Internet Archive. I set a couple of clips (Babies on Parade and Television Commercials: Telephone) to the mellifluous sounds of one of my favorite … Continue reading

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This post started out as a comment on my favorite blog these days, The Tattered Coat. Matt, the proprietor of said blog, has one of the most intelligent, entertaining, and interactive blogs going. After a long hiatus to finish his … Continue reading

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James Harvey Dodd – a movie star?

Check this out, while searching Mary Washington on the internet archives I came up with a couple of gems, one from the 1940s and one from the 21st century: A group of teenagers on a high-school radio program discuss just … Continue reading

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Despotism: The Movie(s)

If you haven’t seen boingboing today, check out this post linking to the Encyclopedia Britannica’s short film titled Despotism. As a side note, this film is housed, and available for download at the Internet Archive – a veritable treasure chest … Continue reading

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