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Enough with Facebook already

I had a few “moments” with Facebook over the past couple of months. I was digging all the new tools they were brining in with the open API, they even created one for WordPress.com posts. But when folks start to … Continue reading

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UbuWeb: the videos

From their site: UbuWeb: The YouTube of the Avant-Garde: UbuWeb has converted all of its rare and out-of-print film & video holdings to on-demand streaming formats à la YouTube, which means that you can view everything right in your browser … Continue reading

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MistyLook theme for bbPress

Well, out of necessity more than skill I hacked Refueled’s bbPress theme port of Superbold by gorotron. The theme was really nicely done, and the CSS was clean (at least before I got my mitts on it), so I took … Continue reading

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Intermittent presents of endurance and hope on Flickr

One of the things I love about my Flickr photostream are the intermittent gifts from my contacts. Fotoedge’s images regularly provide me with a beautifully textured and preserved Americana of the Mid-West. Whenever he uploads a new photo I am … Continue reading

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The Killers (1946): What’s the idea?

I posted a little while back about a few of my favorite noirs, and decided to re-visit one of the films from the list: The Killers (1946). I truly love this film, and on yet another go round I’m beginning … Continue reading

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WPMu Smackdown: RSS, Autoblogs, Aggregators, o-matics, and more…

So, it’s just about time to ckeck-in on the work that has been happening on the WordPress Multi-User front. First and foremost, Gardner Campbell is my Godhead. He is teaching two classes this Summer session and they are already abuzz … Continue reading

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Clare Quilty, or my excuse for talking about the limits of auteur theory

In the early 90s (probably 1993), I went to the Directors Guild of America to see a Peter Sellers retrospective. I was not a huge Sellers fan at that point. I had seen him a couple of times on the … Continue reading

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bavarchive: creating learning resources on Flickr

Some of my most treasured “possessions” are the film programs I have collected from innumerable film outings over the years. I have a modest collection of stuff spread across several boxes in my attic, and I do love to steal … Continue reading

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Freud, der unheimlich, and the importance of aesthetics

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Blogs: the look of the future?

Matthew Levine’s article “In Search of the Holy Grail” on A List Apart offers a straight-forward way to incorporate a three column layout for web designers with lean code, minimal CSS, and a consistent code order, heretofore a sloppy and … Continue reading

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