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Dirty Old Town….

….dirty old town. The Pogues – Dirty Old Town Found at

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Exclusive US release on the bava: TINS “Spaceland”

Here’s a first for the bava, I get to introduce the Western hemisphere to a kickass band from Trento, Italia: TINS (a.k.a Tourists in Sunderland). “What the hell are you doing pushing music you philistine?!” you ask accusingly. “You’re a … Continue reading

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Shane McGowan or Nick Cave?

Well, for me it’s a no brainer, Nick Cave is a punk compared to Shane MacGowan. I mean let’s face it, the Australians are no match for the Irish, even when they dress up all purty 🙂 All though, to … Continue reading

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Leave me alone, I’m a family man, and if you push me too far I just might….

The I Love this World blog delivers the goods again, this time through the Hall & Oates music video for “Family Man.” After watching this video I kind of understand the current dangers of the rising amateur culture. With the … Continue reading

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Computer Love

Feeling very affectionate towards my computer this morning, I decided to find a machine readable song that it could groove on, and where else would I turn but Kraftwerk, in particular the album Computer World. So this one is for … Continue reading

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Twitter Country

Randy Thornton, proprietor of the Metamedia blog, rocks! He recently wrote and performed his own song about Twitter called “Still tweeting 4U”. I love this kinda stuff—this is who we are, damn it! It may be a country song, but … Continue reading

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Punk ‘n’ Pie

Hats off to the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Cinematèk once again for their upcoming Punk ‘n’ Pie film series, which looks to be an amazing retrospective focusing predominantly on the UK Punk/New Wave scene (a majority of them I haven’t … Continue reading

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I have been judged!

That damn Judges has posted a Lucio Battisti video before me, how good is he? So to teach that meddling kid a lesson, the bava gives you 3x the Judges. And I’ll one up Judges by throwing in a classic … Continue reading

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Speaking of Maiden…

I don’t know which album cover blew me away more: “Number of the Beast” Or “Killers” I think it would have to be “Killers” because I was younger and more impressionable. Not to mention the fact that I would stare … Continue reading

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Music for the coming Depression

About a week or so ago I got Robert Crumb’s Heroes of Blues, Jazz & Country which I have been totally digging. The book has been reinforcing an informal education I’ve been getting through my various conversations with Folklorist Gary … Continue reading

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