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YouTube experimenting with copyright?

After uploading the final speech from First Blood to YouTube, I was immediately delivered a copyright notice from Google and Lionsgate. Here is what it looks like: Click for larger version you can view in its entirety. To quote: Lionsgate … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead, take 3

Finally, the last and mashed installation of my Dawn of the Dead (1978) series which took far more technical and creative energy than I originally imagined. The idea behind this experiment was simple: create three commentaries upon the social/political sub-themes … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead, take 2

Being good for my word, below is the second version of the Dawn of the Dead clip I published yesterday here, but this time with a running commentary of the edited scenes. It is far from perfect, and Jerry gave … Continue reading

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Viva Knievel! Instantly

Andy Rush has already blogged about Netflix Instant Video (what a man, what a man!), but I haven’t used it because I didn’t have Windows XP installed on my Mac Book Pro (it’s not Mac OS friendly). My two-cents to … Continue reading

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The Reverend Preaches Patience?

I’m not known for my patience, in fact we have been arguing all morning here at DTLT about this very topic. But a video I found on YouTube just might help be re-think my rash and untempered approach to life, … Continue reading

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I Have Learned My YouTube Lesson

Last week Sarah Allen inquired about a James Farmer video (knowing we have a rich collection of media of this Civil Rights leader) for her Culture, Context, and Composition class. The particular video she requested was Farmer’s debate with Malcolm … Continue reading

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“[Vito] Acconci is to video…

…what [Marcel] Duchamp is to Sculpture” -Carole Garmon I hadn’t heard of Vito Acconci before yesterday afternoon when I read these two posts on professor Carole Garmon’s Video Art class blog which led to a discussion (in person!) shortly afterwards … Continue reading

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Raiding the Internet Archive

Figured I’d start the week off right and play with some public domain video from the Internet Archive. I set a couple of clips (Babies on Parade and Television Commercials: Telephone) to the mellifluous sounds of one of my favorite … Continue reading

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